Vietnam Property

Living in Vietnam in 2021

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Owning a real estate property is a lifetime investment and achievement. It’s more satisfying and rewarding if one is an expat looking forward to investing in Vietnam. It used to be challenging to own property in the country, but thanks to the Vietnamese government’s efforts, there is good news for investors.

Today, it has become much easier for foreigners to own property in any city in the country, thanks to the pursuits of the Vietnamese Law on Residential Housing (LRH).

Expats from any nation with a valid visa can invest in the country, whether a tourist or resident. Foreigners these days can own more than one unit of condominium.

Significantly, they can successfully buy as many property units as they wish to and depending on how wealthy one is. There is no limitation on the number of property units one can own, but there are restrictions that apply. If looking forward to investing in Vietnam real estate, there are amazing cities to visit and explore your investment options.

In general, the country is amazing, and there are several reasons why an expat should not have any reservations investing stress-free. They include:

  • The increasing foreign direct investment has stimulated strong economic growth in the nation.
  • The surging economy in Vietnam is unstoppable, and the country has been on a stable inflation index at 4% to 5%. Hence, it has created a favorable economic environment and opening for property investors.
  • The rapidly growing population has opened great investment opportunities, and more expats are visiting the region. Hence, the high demand for property in the country.
  • Property prices are attractive and expected to grow. These prices vary depending on the city you plan to reside in or invest in and budget-friendly.
  • The property for sale in Vietnam offer great yields, and especially if you decide to invest in condos or villas for sale.


There are matchless and robust real estate properties to invest in as an expat in Vietnam. Whether one is of Asian descent or a westerner, there are villas and condos to rent or buy. In essence, an interested investor will not miss an outstanding Vietnam villa for sale.

If attracted by the beauty, climate, and culture of Vietnam, don’t have any reservations investing in a condo or villa that satisfies your needs or requirements. Remember, Vietnam is one of the amazing countries in Asia known for its beaches, rivers, bustling cities, and Buddhist pagodas. Hence, each city offers an excellent opportunity for real estate investors.

Owning a villa or condo in this Southeast Asia country is a dream come true, and many benefits come with such an investment opportunity. They include:

1. It is Affordable

Buying a condo or a villa tends to be a budget-friendly investment opportunity and especially if buying or renting a property in the top cities in the country.

2. Less Maintenance Involved

A huge amount of maintenance is involved to maintain huge mansions. Investing in a condo or villas offers an opportunity to buy or rent a property that is cheap and responsible to maintain. Some condos and villas even pay for repairs and general maintenance, and this is important if one keeps travelling from one country to another.

3. Enjoy a Strong Sense of Community

Many people rent Vietnam condo or villas to enjoy a sense of community or opportunity to interact with neighbors and other people in their neighbourhoods. Some villas come with hangout areas and recreational facilities that make life amazing and enjoyable.

4. It’s Safer

Condos and villas offer locked entries and gated communities that can attract any interested investor and more so investors from other nations. There is a reduced possibility of break-ins or theft, and in case of a security emergency, the community will stand strong to defend its dwellers.

5. Easy Access to the City

Location is a key facet that attracts many people to different cities in Vietnam. You can choose to buy a condo or villa in the center of the city. Each city in Vietnam is unique from one another, and they offer outstanding opportunities to influence expats investment decisions.


Have a look at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Vung Tau, Nha Trang and Saigon. Here are outstanding cities to buy Vietnam condo or villas for expats looking for amazing and yielding investment options.

Any expat looking forward to investing in a condo or villa in Vietnam should not take the journey or pursuit for granted. There are outstanding things to keep in mind. Substantially, one has to pay attention to the fact that old properties might be more expensive, and it’s wise to read set regulations and documents carefully.